The Latest Cheat Map Hack MOD APK Arena of Valor (AoV) in 2019

Cheat is not new in the game world, including one of the Arena of Valor (AoV) moba games. The use of this cheat is not only rife in Mobile Legends, but in some reports the use of cheat has spread its use on many of their servers. As in Vietnam, Garena has cracked down on quite a lot of players there because of the use of the cheat map hack MOD APK latest game AoV.

Arena of Valor MOD APK

As long as there are players who want to become gods without bothering to hone skills, the cheat will continue to continue to exist. For those of you who want to use the cheat application , you should know that the risk of using this cheat is that you can be banned so that your account cannot be used to play. If you have agreed to this risk we can move to the next step.

Cheat Map Hack Arena of Valor

Indeed, using the latest MOD APK hack folder does not mean that it will make you a god. You still need playing skills that will make you win in the game. But at least here you know how to see the position of enemies in the map so you can more easily attack them.

Cheat Arena of Valor (AoV) will not be useful if you are blind map, so you should be able to pay attention to the map so you can see your opponent’s movements well. For now the use of cheat maps hack MOD APK can still be used properly in matches such as quick matches or ranked Arena of Valor (AoV) games.

Getting Started with Downloading the Latest MOD APK

Mod Apk Garena AOV – Arena of Valor v1.32.1.1 Download it
OBB Garena AOV – Arena of Valor v1.32.1.1 Download it
XAPK Installer Download it

First of all you have to download and install all the required materials such as Mod Apk and OBB into your smartphone. The most important thing here is that you also have to download the XAPK Installer because the cheat map hack mod apk Arena of Valor (AOV) is still in the form of xapk.

How to Install Hack AoV Cheat Map

After the material is downloaded, you can install it as usual. If you are confused you can check the video above at 4:18 minutes in the install order as follows:

  • Install the blackmod application, then open it
  • Enter the menu
  • Select App Management
  • Select APK / XAPK

After the cheat is installed properly, the next step is to activate the AOV Map Hack Mod APK. The steps are as follows:

  • This cheat can be used well on Android 6 and above
  • Turn on permissions in the application settings. Settings> Application Manager> AOV, if you have turned on the storage permit
  • Open the game, then this game will create a file with the name mod4u_rovid.txt.
  • Use any editor application, change the writing off in it to be on
  • Reopen the game and the map mod hack will be activated

Note : Slightly different from the Mobile Legends cheat, this APK Mod uses an Asian server instead of an Indonesian server. Interestingly this cheat you can use without having to use VPN.

Using the latest Arena of Valor (AoV) MOD APK cheat is quite easy, by following this fairly comprehensive guide you can easily do it yourself. The most important thing in using this APK mod is don’t be blind map.

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