The PUBG Game Holds a Sanhok Forty-Fivers Event for 4 Days

Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) game holds an event called Sanhok Forty-Fivers for 4 days. This event runs from 4 to 7 October which was announced on Wednesday.

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Reporting from DBLtap , Thursday (04/10/2018), this event was also held for PUBG PC players who felt this mode in August where weapons were limited to Tommy Guns, Win94s, R45s, P1911s and throwable weapons.

At this event there are only 4 players in Sanhok, while the treatment package will include Vector, level 3 gear. This mode is limited to 1 team, only 4 people, then automatic matching can be activated or deactivated.

This event mode is also limited to a maximum of 80 players (20 teams from 4 players, red zone is disabled, killer spectating is enabled).

The Xbox Sanhok Forty-Fivers PUBG event starts October 4, 10 PM ET and ends October 7, 10 PM ET. PUBG Corp. also announced the return of the Xbox PUBG public test server.

Reportedly, this battle royale genre game in a period of approximately one year the game was sold with a fantastic amount of 400 million. This game was originally launched for mobile then other platforms like Xbox.

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