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The strength of the Baby Dragon Level 5 Clash of Clans


One of the strongest air force after Dragon in Clash of Clans game is Baby Dragon. Baby Dragon can now be upgraded to level 5. What kind of powers? YouTube videos uploaded by Clash Tutor – Clash of Clans show the difference between Baby Dragon level 4 to level 5. From the video looks, when attacked Hidden Tesla, Baby Dragon level 5 has a health bar which is slightly stronger than Baby Dragon level 4.

baby dragon level 5

Website Clashofclans.wikia explained, Baby Dragon level 5 has Damage per Second 115, Damage per Attach 115, hitpoints 1600, the cost of Training 19 thousand elixir, Research cost 8 million elixir and require laboratory level 9. Baby Dragon has a damaged power splash, like the Wizard , These forces can attack the enemy on land and air. Baby Dragon attacked the nearest object in the vicinity.


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