These 5 Cool Hero Mobile Legends are Rarely Used

Mobile Legends Bang-Bang is a battle game developed by Moonton that has reached the age of 3 years since its launch on July 11, 2016. To be able to play and win games, you are required to log into your Facebook Account and after that you can start.

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However, to be able to win the fight, you must carefully choose the right hero to be able to bring down your opponent. Sometimes the players of Mobile Legends only play a few popular heroes and ignore the others, and now we has several 5 hero mobile legends names that have super powers but are rarely used.

1. Sun

Sun is a hero in the form of a monkey king who has self-replicating skills that can make enemies difficult to find the original. He clones every time he makes five basic attacks to enemies that will break the enemy’s concentration.

2. Lolita

Lolita is a second place hero that is very rarely used when gamers play Mobile Legends because of its unfriendly use for beginners. However, Lolita has the ability of a shield that is used to protect herself and her friends in one group which makes it difficult for enemies to attack.

3. Alice

Alice is a vampire hero who had become a mainstay during the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup 2017 Tournament. Alice has the skill of Flowing Blood to do ganking and Alice can slowly disable it.

4. Bane

Bane is a famous pirate hero with ships who are ready to attack anyone. This hero has a skill that is capable of high damage and painful splash. Bane is able to become a hero capable of sending floating ghost ships that can attack two targets at once.

5. Vexana

Is a hero that has very large damage. The use of this hero is difficult because it requires precise accuracy to the enemy hero. The skill from Vexana will cause an explosion that will cause damage when the target dies.

In addition, the skill ulti possessed will be a tool that is very feared by opponents. The queen of Necromancer will give great damage to the target while turning on the dead enemy hero to help him fight.

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