This Difference Cheat and MOD in the Game, Don’t Reverse!

You must have often heard the terms cheat and MOD, but do you know what the difference is between the two terms? Or even do not know at all and assume both are the same? Until now the cheat is the thing that most gamers are looking for to be the best without having to bother. Does MOD also have the same meaning too?

Difference Cheat and MOD

Both of them also often become a debate among gamers, not a few who are noisy even end up blaspheming when they find out there is a player who uses illegal or MOD programs. This time we will not tell you how to use either or both, but will discuss the phenomena of using cheats and MOD as well as the differences between the two.

What is Cheat in Game?

What is Cheat in Game

In general Cheat is any cheat that is used by a player so that players can play more easily or more cool than usual. The cheat method itself generally consists of two ways. The first way is to use illegal programs such as Game Guardian , Cheat Engine , Lulubox FF or Lulubox ML and many more.

This method is classified as illegal and it is not uncommon for players who are found to be exposed to permanent banned as recently occurred in the Valorant game. As a result the player was banned and can not use his account again. In the old days, PS 1 players could use the Shark game to cheat.

The second cheat method is to use a cheat that is provided by the developer with the aim that players can enjoy playing more. For example, GTA San Andreas and GTA 5 which provide cheat features in the game. Besides GTA, Electronic Arts also provides cheat features in the game The Sims 4 and many more.

The use of this cheat is arguably a fraudulent way that can damage the atmosphere of a game, especially the game has a fairly tight competition. Therefore quite a lot of active game developers conduct raids to capture the irresponsible cheaters.

As it just happened, one of the well-known publishers, Riot Games, did his first permanent banned on the game cheaters Valorant which was proven to use the Wallhack and Aimhack cheats in carrying out their actions in online matches.

What is MOD in Game?

What is MOD in Game

MOD is short for modification, where users only make changes to the content of the game. This change is based on the MOD makers’ preferences or based on the general request of the players who want the game to look different according to the trends. In other words the MOD to reform the original file of a game so that it looks different.

For example the MOD in the GTA San Andreas Lite game that uses maps and atmosphere in games like in Indonesia. Even though the original GTA game used maps in America. In other languages ​​this MOD also often has the term Patch, as is often found in the game PES or Pro Evolution Soccer which provides patches in the middle of the season or the start of a new season.

As an example of a winter player transfer patch, or a change in player statistics at the start of the season, nobody and in the middle of the season become a great player. Do you still remember when Leicester City won the English league in the 2015-2016 season? James Vardy was getting a statistical change in the patch that was launched mid-season.

Cheat and MOD Differences

As explained above, cheats and mods actually have very basic differences. Where cheats are used to cheat or make shortcuts in a game and MOD is only modifying the original file of a game so the game looks different.

But on his journey, MOD games are often found with cheating in them such as unlimited money or diamonds. Actually modifications made in this game use certain scripts that are embedded permanently in the game.

So that players do not need to bother to cheat because it’s already embedded in the installer.In this case the game is not actually a mod, but a cheat that is incorporated into the installer, whether it’s APK or exe.

The use of both of them in the game actually does not really matter, because the aim is to make the game enjoy and enjoy the game more. The problem is when using cheats in an official tournament that will be detrimental and annoying because the game will be biased.

This goes back to each player, when someone uses cheat illegally means that the player is ready with all the risks taken including the player’s account will be banned permanently by the developer.

Thus the discussion about the difference between cheats and MOD which often invites lengthy debate among gamers, to be honest, are you a cheater or modder? Stay tuned for the latest and most updated news about games, anime and gadgets only at!


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