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This feature Will Present at the CoC Latest Update

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Long time no hear, Clash of Clans (CoC) will again be present with a lot of updates in the newest update. The major update should be released in September 2016. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, Supercell had to postpone this update.

oct coc update

Now, finally a bright spot emerged from the developer Supercell. Expressed by one member of the team of developers, the update CoC will be present in the near future (in October 2016).

Update CoC this time will be more focused to the Town Hall 10 and 11. So for you, CoC players with low level Town Hall, this is a good time to boost levels.

Because when this update is present, only the player with the Town Hall level 10 and 11 can enjoy the latest features presented

So, what are the features that will appear on the latest updates CoC? Launched pages Headlines and Global News / HNGN, Friday (10/14/2016), the update will bring the troop level updates (troops) and the new structure of the defense in the game. Here’s the list:

  • Wizard level 7 (Town Hall 10)
  • Tesla Hidden level 9 (Town Hall 11)
  • Baby Dragon level 5 (Town Hall 11)
  • Mortar level 10 (Town Hall 11)
  • Dragon level 6 (Town Hall 11)
  • X-Bow level 5 (Town Hall 11)
  • 25 additional pieces Wall (Town Hall 11)

Another feature is the presence of the latest Tower Bomb in Town Hall 8. This can be upgraded to level 5. Meanwhile, when players reach the Town Hall 10, they will have the option to build an additional Tower Bomb.

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