This is the Ranking Mode System in Valorant Games & How It Works

After a long time of silence at the insistence of fans asking for a ranked mode system in the Valorant game, finally Riot Games is willing to bring new features into the PC game. The news of the presence of the ranking system was announced by Riot Games on its official page on Saturday, 04/25/20.


On that page, Riot Games explained that the competitive mode for Valorant will not be much different from other multiplayer games.

Of course the presence of this ranked system will make Valorant players even more motivated to pursue rank, and continue to work so that they can inhabit the top ranks as top players in that mode.

Ranking stages in competitive mode Ranked this game is very interesting. Later, there will be 8 ranked lists that Riot has prepared as a marker of the skills of the Valorant players. So how do you do it to get ‘ Rank ‘? Before you how to play the mode, the following is a ranking list in Valorant game:

Valorant Game Ranking

List of Valorant Game Ranking

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Immortal
  • Valorant

How the Valorant Rank Mode System Works

  • Players are required to complete matches 20 times to open competitive mode.
  • There are 8 ranks, each of which has 3 tiers, except in Final Rank.
  • Players can Party to join a ranked game with a maximum of 5 players. With a rank distance between a maximum of 2 rank.
  • The rank will not appear in competitive matches if the player stops playing for 14 days. However, the rank previously obtained will not disappear.
  • Ranks that have been obtained from closed beta will disappear and cannot be brought to the global version later.

In addition to showing the extent of your competitive skills when playing Valorant, the competitive mode feature will make it easier to meet players of the same level more quickly. That way, the game will run more exciting because high strength players will only play with equal opponents.

Unfortunately, Riot Games hasn’t explained further when the exact competitive mode ranked game will be released in Valorant. Riot only said that the ranking mode in the Valorant game would be coming in a few weeks.

To be sure this ranking mode will be present after Riot Games released version 0.49 patch for Valorant. And for the time being competitive mode will only be available in the EU and NA regions.

Previously, during the closed beta, Valorant game fans urged Riot to present a ranked system in the FPS game . However, Riot Games as game publisher Valorant admitted that he still did not want to present a mode that could adjust the player’s ranking.

Responding to the insistence, Trevor Romleski who serves as Head of game designer Valorant, revealed that his party has a special reason why Riot Games is reluctant to present a ranked system.

According to Trevor, it wants to give time to each player to learn and adjust to the game Valorant. Like understanding the details of using Valorant weapons and abilities, understanding each character or agent chosen, and knowing the details of each map that is available.

Later, after the players understand the game patterns and how to develop a ranked mode strategy will be presented. Riot Games hopes that this ranking system can boost interest from players who were previously less interested because they only play normal mode.

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