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Tips Striking Baby Dragon in Clash of Clans


Baby Dragon is the new troops in Clash of Clans game released by Supercell via update a few days ago. Characters ‘baby dragon’ has capabilities such as Dragon, but at the smaller elixir cost. Video uploaded to YouTube by Clash Clash With Ash Royale and Clash of Clans show how to attack using the Baby Dragon. Baby Dragon also be combined with other troops like Balloon and Lava Hound.

baby dragon

The first time, players spawn Balloon advance and accompanied by Lava Hound. After Balloon was in front row, and then forwarded to the Baby Dragon on the back. Gamers should also issue a Hero Grand Warden to assist the attack. To be faster and stronger attacks, gamers need to spend Rage Spell or Spell Haste.

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Lastly, gamers can lose another hero like Archer Barbarian King and Queen to sweep the remaining structure. Attacking with the composition of the Baby Dragon and other troops allows gamers to get a score of two stars. If you are lucky or base weak opponents, gamers could possibly get a score of three stars.


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