Tips to Save Money Attack in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans gamers who want to upgrade troops, would require elxir or dark elixir. The more high-level troops, then the cost of the necessary elixir also high.

Save Money Attack in Clash of Clans

Gamers need to save expenditure elixir, using troops like barbarians and archers may be the right choice. However, relying goblins also worth considering because the elixir cost is lower than archer.


For gamers who have a Barbarian King and Archer Queen, then the process of collecting resources from the base of the opponents will be much easier. Barbarian King or Archer Queen could act as human shields aggressors.

Gamers also have to choose a base opponent put Gold Mine or Elixir Collector outside wall. This will allow players to seize the resources because it is directly attacked by troops.

With only attack an opponent of building resources, perhaps gamers will always be defeated by a zero stars score. Automatically, the trophy will go down. However, it is actually beneficial because in the bottom of the league, gamers already have a strong base to counteract an opponent’s attack. Read also Tips Striking Baby Dragon


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