What is going on guys. It is power bang welcome to another clash of clans video and in today’s video we’re going to be looking at the Town Hall 11 game and what I feel are three of the best strategies to be picking up 3 stars against your fellow Town Hall 11. Alright guys so let’s get straight into it there are three strategies that I feel stand above the rest at the Town Hall 11 game one of them is relatively new to the scene two of them you guys should already know about but we’re going to cover those in order today so we had a war that went down a few days ago against red on flood.

Congrats to them you guys put up a good fight whf got the victory on the strength of four townhall 11 3 stars and luckily all four of those three stars fell into one of the top three strategies I feel should be used at townhall 11 to secure 3 stars, so let’s start out without further ado at the number three slot.  Let’s look at bowlers and witches the name joke continues we are going to look at number 5 here. this is one dumb blonde thank you to one dumb blonde mr. November and to Nick for the content here you guys are absolutely killing it. notice the the army composition guys all posit just for a moment one dumb blonde actually uses two miners here to come up with a mortar kill on both of the corners.

the goal being on these square types of bases you want to be able to break off that funnel so ultimately your troops go to the course so bowlers and witches will come down and the goal is to jump them through the core of the base and then ultimately just have the continued spawn of the witches and her skeleton power through the base and the heroes are going to provide the pounding for the most part so here we go we’ve got the miners coming in on the corners here on both sides.

so you see the mortars going down great use of the miners rather than a balloon because you can see this is covered by you know an air defense or even a hog rider just doesn’t quite have the the strength I don’t believe as a as a miner and that’s a path you can get a little bit weird so nice job on that now you’re going to see 3 golems come down followed up by the boulders and witches on the corners you want to take out these flanking buildings first and leave up the ones close to your point of entry

so in addition to these troops she’s going to bring in the heroes so you’ve got a grand warden on ground mode that is important it’s going to stay with your ground troops all of the traps should be triggered in advance by those ground troops so you’ve got folders which is he rose early grand warden ability in order to protect those things from the CCE troops as well as the incoming inferno fires

so a second jump spell Goes Down and a third one to get them out of the course so three jump spells used as part of this composition however that can be tweaked based off of the enemy base but the key is you want to have enough access for those troops to go all the way through the base to the last compartment you can see here the king and the queen able to get to the very last compartment but they are about to expire

here the Queen haunts the wall and is being shot now by the final few defenses so looks like the skeletons actually are still tanking for us so that is absolutely perfect that’s really one of the big keys of the strategies you can see the bowlers and the skeletons buying extra time you can see the Queen still surviving in there so really really good stuff and now he’s got bowlers and witches along with the grand warden still alive and mass to go around the outside of this to you know really kind of seal the deal on the the base here so one down blonde beautiful job on the attack well fast forward it just a little bit going through this one but you know it’s not dominant that’s why I have it in the number three spot and it’s also dependent on a little bit of luck but with proper planning good funneling excellent jump spells you can take your max level heroes and max troops and really power through and punish a maxed out base so that is our first town hall 11 attack strategy that I would recommend to get three stars next up we’re going to look at the number two strategy that one is going to be relatively new on the scene and I’ve got to give a massive shout out to it sue and the dark looters

I’m going to put their video or their YouTube channel link in the description below I definitely wouldn’t have come up with this I don’t think on our own if it weren’t for the guys in dark looters kind of publicizing this on the livestream and that is the drag wound with the clone spell so everybody’s been trying to drag wound but the clone spell addition to it just makes it super super strong so we saw this for two stars on our excuse me we saw this for three stars on dips you know reliable dips with the town-ho 11s coming down to hit ten but what about eleven hitting 11s with the same exact strategy will it work so you’re going to see right off the bat a line of balloons and also a line of dragons essentially behind them coming at the air defense section of the base really aggressively rage spells all the way through and check out the clone in the middle there boom cloned the balloons to get closer to the core and as you can see they’re going to go in take out the infernos and then work their way into the back side of this base so really really strong stuff here you can see the grand warden keeping all of those dragons inside of its grant or its aura the life or ability so many dragons left up guys king and queen go on the outside of the base to keep those dragons kind of towards the core and doing work and as you can see he’s got a couple of dragons in the core finally about to go down but ultimately just too much firepower…..Please watch the video and follow intruction there, thanks for watching


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