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Top 35 Games Like Clash of Clans in 2019

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Ah Clash of Clans. When it comes to real-time strategy games our options were a little limited on the go. Until the release of this little gem, intended back in 2012.

games like clash of clans

Since then it has gone from strength to strength, being downloaded millions of times. The game is enjoyed by many, and for good reason. Now me, I love a good strategy game, so I dug in.

Built my little base, got to grips with the controls and no sooner than I had begun playing that I had to stop. Not because I wasn’t having fun, I was but more on that in a moment, no.

I had to stop because the game didn’t want me to play anymore, not without purchasing Gems. So what is a gamer to do between Clash of Clans sessions? Why fill it up with games that are similar to it of course.

Putting aside the games monetization options, which I have to heartily advise against, here’s a list of 35 games like Clash of Clans to tickle your fancy.

Top 35 Games Like Clash of Clans – 2019 List

1. Star Wars: Commander

Like Age of Empires before it, Clash of Clans has a Star Wars skin. While there are some changes to the formula, better graphics and a story mode that is surprising fun to play through, it is still Clash of Clans at heart.

So the usual trepidation should apply when downloading it, keep your wallet shut people, free to play games do not need your money. I’m a sucker for Star Wars stuff though, as my three articles on the topic would suggest. Overall I’d rather play this than Clash.

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