Today we are here with the top 5 list we hadn’t really done top 5 list in a while. So I figured we would do one today. I got 5 useful tips for you in clash of clans that might make the game a little bit easier for you maybe a little bit shortcut stuff. it’s just going to be nice and useful to know.

clash of clans tips and tricks

I know some of the stuff I use quite frequently so I want to share with you guys and these are kind of in the order of what I think are the top 5 you know from 5 to 1. but maybe your order is different, maybe you have different features but I thought these ones are really cool.

So we’re going to go ahead get into lists, make sure you guys leave a like on it guess what more top 5 list let’s see. if we can get like 73 lights and we’ll do more top 5 lists in the future, make sure you subscribe if you’ve not done so already. so let’s go ahead and get into it.

Number 5 the player tag is that’s a long time look at that – 9 PG r q9 that’s a long tag especially if you’re trying to remember it you know get in out a game, copy it share it with your friends so they can find you, find your clan.

But if you didn’t know you could just click on it just tap on your name, right there and hit copy and it’ll copy the tag right to your device’s clipboard, same thing is true with clan tags. you can click on the clan tag and it will copy that as well.

So not really something that’s going to like change the game a whole lot but it’ll help you find your friends clans, help your friends. find you your clans. so a very cool little feature there’s something I liked I didn’t really know a lot about until I saw all these dudes stuff about it but a very cool useful feature there.

Number 4. Alright this one right here this one is going to be very useful for you, especially if you’re a newer town hall getting ready to upgrade and that is the builders venue. if you click that little eye right above the builders head it tells you what your builders are upgrading.

If you see mine are working on a mortar wizard tower Inferno tower then it also has suggested upgrades. now these upgrades are for townhall 11 for me because my cannons an archer tower is already done. but it has especially here in New Town Hall.

It kind of has suggested features so you can kind of get an idea of what you think you should be upgrading. I really thought this was cool because sometimes, you know, I’m looking around my base like what is upgrading what I get off there’s a mortar I got one motor that but instead supercell added this feature.

So you can just click on it and see exactly what your mortar. Your Builders are working on I got to have border wizard tower and fronto worked up. so a very useful tip just to see what your builders are working on there.

Number 3 top five useful clash of clans tips. Number three is probably one of my favorites. this is probably tied second and third but this is one of my favorites. you can rename your armies. if you see here like my Baba Looney in here, Queen walk on l’union with dark elixir.

I can rename my the armies, I do this a lot with farming areas armies. if you click on that little blue icon right there, you can just click and rename the army. very cool feature. I love this feature. this is probably one of my favorites personally.

I use this a ton on all my accounts renamed in my army so I know what it is, what I’m using it for a very cool useful feature. so again if you tap on the little blue name right there and I think it starts off as like untitled army or something like that.

You can rename it exactly what you want to give it some cute name or whatever works for you but a very useful feature one of my favorites firstly renaming your army number three on the list guys.

Number 2. My number two top five useful clash of clans tips. This one is very helpful especially when you’re building bases, war bases, especially if you look around you get the base built. But maybe you think you might have something missing or holism.

You can go into scout view and see exact crap we got a hole right there. if someone just drops in a troop they can set off whatever is in there, so we can move our dark elixir drill over to fill that hole. So the scout view can kind of look at it from your enemy perspective.

That way you can see how good your base is looking. If there’s any holes what you might need to move around a very cool feature. they also have photo mode so you can you know take a selfie of your base first I’m going to get this three-star on this base but I need a selfie first so a very cool future there.

the scout view the photo mode on the war base even just a regular basis so that you don’t have any holes in your bases.

Number 1 most useful feature. I use this one a ton I love it. the most useful feature what’s in the clan castle you can hold down your clan castle and find out and you just hold down the clan castle emblem there.

When you’re out live and on attack, you can see I got balloons in there. I got many of them so you can see that you have stuff in their lives and you don’t have to guess or worry about it because you can just go in there, be very useful.

So let’s go ahead and attack this base. That’s exactly what I want in there and then we can Stan minions going down. that’s looking good so that is my number one most useful feature honestly. I use this one a ton. I’m not really like going pool out on it.

I just wanted to show you that but yet holding down the clan castle icon will show you exactly what is in your armies a very nice useful feature like I said one of my favorites personally. I use it a ton it helps me out quite a bit because especially like I request a lot of any like any whatever.

So when I’m out there requesting any troops. this one helps me out a ton wish I had my heroes on this because I could have got quite a bit of loot. but I just wanted to show this off. I didn’t have time to wait on my heroes.

So there you guys have it the top 5 most useful features in clash ofclans. Just my personal opinion, maybe you have different opinions or maybe you think of different useful tips or something feel free to let me know.


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