Top Clash Of Clans Town Hall 9 Hybrid Base Layouts

Looking for Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Hybrid Base? Here have been recap wide variety picture of Top Clash of Clans TH9 Hybrid Base Layouts which we collect from various source online.

Hi guys, how does your daily life play Clash Of Clans? we are sure you are very excited! During 2016, many supercell make changes including the end of this year’s gift, would have been very nice.

In the middle of the year, they create a new Friendly Challenge to fill the void for the clasher. Friendly Challenge allows members of the Clan to test each other’s goodness for offensive and defensive. This feature is very useful in Clash Of Clans, especially for TH level 9 and above.

Friendly Challenge does not only serve as a defense test tool for base war, but when you’re trying to make a Hybrid base design for TH 9 (with Bomb Tower), this feature is very much needed. After creating a basic design that you think is the best and strongest base order, try to challenge some of your Clan members to test it.

Why should some of my fellow Clan members? it’s because every player though uses the same combination of troops but the instinct and style of play will definitely be different. That way you can find out where the most often become a weakness.

After several experiments for your newest TH 9 Hybrid base, continue with a fix or at least minimize base damage to get optimal results.

Clash Of Clans TH 9 Hybrid Base Layouts Newest 2017

Well, below HOW TO EXPLORE has done a re-design (along with Bomb Tower) for some of the bases you can use for your Hybrid battle.

As we know, Hybrid base type is the most difficult design to get optimal results, because players not only focus on power suber only, but also do not want to lose a lot of Trophy while in a higher league. There is nothing maximally in a design structure, but with a little trial on the base below, you will certainly have optimal results.

Town Hall 9 Hybrid Base is combination th9 farming base with th9 defense/trophy base. By using th9 hybrid base and Loot (Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir) you will be safe from enemy attack.


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