Tutorial Download and Play Monster Rancher 2 on Android!

Monster Rancher 2 is an unforgettable legendary PSX game. Even though it’s almost time for the Playstation 5, there are still some 90s gamers who play this game. Monster Rancher 2 can not only be played on PSX, but also on Android. The author will provide a tutorial to play this game on Android!

Monster Rancher 2

To play this game, of course you have to use the PlayStation 1 emulator called ePSXe. The specifications needed to run this application are also quite light because all the latest cellphones are sure to smoothly open ePSXe. The following are the specifications for the ePSXe on Android!

EPSXe Android specifications

EPSXe Android

Minimum Specifications

Chipset ARMv7 or X86;
Android 2.3 Gingerbread;
RAM 256 MB.

Recommended Specifications

ARMv7 or x86 chipset;
Android 7.0 Nougat or higher;
GPU that supports OpenGL;
RAM 512 MB;
Fast and large SD card.

Old Android or the latest releases can certainly run this application smoothly because it only requires a very small RAM capacity. If your Android is strong enough to open the ePSXe application, then the next step you have to do is download and install ePSXe on Android.

How to Download ePSXe

First of all you have to install the ePSXe application via the Google Play Store via this link , and don’t forget to also download the BIOS so you can play PlayStation 1 games smoothly.

After everything is installed and stored on your Android, then you can immediately move the BIOS file called SCPH1001.bin which you just downloaded to the Internal / epsxe / bios folder. If you have found the BIOS folder, then you can immediately copy or move the file there.

After it has been successfully moved, you can immediately open the ePSXe application and select run BIOS, and the steps to install ePSXe are complete. If you want to play Monster Rancher 2 , then you must also download the iso file from Monster Rancher 2.

How to Play and Download Monster Rancher 2

When you have successfully installed the PlayStation 1 emulator application called ePSXe, then the next step is all you have to do is download the Monster Rancher 2 game file . Here is how to download Monster Rancher 2. Check out the steps below!

You can download Monster Rancher 2 at this link . After successfully downloading, you only need to extract the file and open the ePSXe application to run the ISO file. Don’t forget to move the Monster Rancher 2 file to the SD Card, because ePSXe will read games via SD Card.

When you have successfully moved it to the SD Card, then you can immediately open the ePSXe application that you installed earlier and select the Run Game menu. The ePSXe application will automatically read all the iso files on the SD Card whether there are games or not.

If Monster Rancher 2 has been read, then you can immediately choose and start the game, and enjoy! If this information is useful, please share it with your friends.

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