Will the AOV Game Present Aquaman Hero?

Aquaman is rumored to be the newest DC hero to be present at the Arena of Valor (AOV) game. The arrival of the character was inseparable from his popularity as a superhero in the film ‘Aquaman’ which was recently released.


Reporting from the Touch Arcade page , Tuesday (1/1/2018) this news is known from the upload of the famous Youtuber King of Boss featuring footage of Aquaman at AOV. Aquaman is thought to be present in the Horizon Valley to accompany other Justice League actors such as Batman, Superman, The Flash, Joker and Wonder Woman.

In the video, Aquaman looks similar to the design of Aquaman comics. Chances are, Aquaman will replace Cresht as one of the horrible Tank Obs or can be one of the Tanky heroes of Dark Slayer Lane.

For information, King of Boss got the information from one of the Vietnamese media named Gamek. Although this information has not been officially reported by Tencent, some fans have been busy talking about what strengths Aquaman will have in the AOV game.

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