Zombie Mode on Call of Duty Mobile Will Be Removed

One mode that is present in the game Call of Duty Mobile, is a zombie game mode. In this mode, players will be invited to “hunt” the undead. This mode first appeared in November 2019. However, even though it has only been present for a few months, this mode will be removed in the near future.

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This was confirmed by Timi Studios in an upload on the Reddit page. Timi Studios is the developer of Call of Duty Mobile which is a subsidiary of Tencent Games. According to them, this zombie mode was originally made for a limited time but without a clear end date.

Timi Studios also said that the mode was also not in accordance with the initial expectations of the developers. “The zombie mode (apparently) did not reach the level of quality that we wanted,” they said. However, they do not spit out what exactly “targets” of this zombie mode can later be called successful or “quality”.

There is speculation that the mode is devoid of interest, but that is not yet certain. The zombie mode on Call of Duty Mobile will be removed on March 25th. Even so, the developers themselves still seem to put a little hope in the game mode.

Because, they say that there is the possibility of zombie mode re-released, if the quality is considered to meet the expectations of the developer. “We can restore the zombie mode after we can ensure that the quality is quite high,” explained Timi Studios.

Timi Studios also said that they will still focus on a number of main modes in Call of Duty Mobile , such as Multiplayer, Battle Royale , and Ranking Mode . Until now, users can still enjoy the zombie game mode for some time to come. Call of Duty Mobile itself has now entered its fourth season. In this fourth season, users can also fight on a new map named “Cage”.

As compiled from Polygon, users can also use some of the latest characters, such as “Soap” from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 , as well as the first female character in Call of Duty Mobile named “Urban Tracker “. There are also some new skins and weapons that can be used to enhance the playing experience in this “Disavowed” season.

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